Innovative technology & service model

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We are creating local energy clubs across UK , enabling customers to receive substantial cost savings to consumers and generators to earn higher incomes, thus making it attractive for green energy technology investments.
Our award winning QENERGY™ platform generates a local energy tariff, by carrying out balancing among its customers and generators utilising battery storage & demand flexibility, while buying additional energy from the wholesale-market using a 100% renewable energy partner.

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For consumers

Get access to cheaper local energy tariffs by making use of renewable energy generated your local area.Considering businesses need budget certainty, our innovative smart electricity contracts delivers cost reductions with a time-of-use tariff, while providing them a fixed rate and cash-back rebates structure.

Choose preferences including environmental, risk , locality and preferred times for smart control. The platform will carry out peer-to-peer trading and optimisation among the generators and consumers to deliver best outcomes for everyone.

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Innovative technology & service model

For Generators

Earn extra income compared to fixed export tariff through PPAs. Our platform links generators to our basket of consumers directly thereby earning extra income from the local energy tariff provided to the consumers. You will still have a minimum unit rate for export guaranteed, thus providing certainty in making business cases for investors.

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